Let us start with The Basics

Since the beginning of this Age, men have been receiving from each other. The spirit that rules this world is in them. But this spirit is directly contrary to the Father’s spirit. It is founded in confusion, discord, multiplicity; our Father’s Spirit, being an Holy Spirit, IS soundness, is peace, is singular. There is one perfect spirit, which makes Him who He IS. All that He IS, we are to be. He IS Love. But man does not love as our Father loves. Man loves as Satan loves, for Satan is man’s father. Who doesn’t love at all, who creates division, envyings, jealousy, adamant worldly cravings, in which man MUST achieve a higher status. Propelled by an intense thirst for the world, which is self-perpetuating due to the fact that we only receive from one another. And not the ONLY one who is not of this world whatsoever. We are in the world, but as it is written, we are not to be of it. Meaning, the spiritual foundation of who we are must be transformed, rather, replaced so that it may be created solely in HIM. He has The Spirit that we need, that we once were, that we can now be again. Thanks to your brother Yeshua, who died not only for your sake, but also for the world’s sake. Intended to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, if only we would ask for such a thing to be done.

Shall not we all come into oneness with the Father? When such a great gift has been offered us, it is an abomination to refuse it. Do you, O Man, fully understand what has been done for your sake? If you did fully understand it, would you turn to me? Or would you still deny me?  My son was sent, in the form of one of you, to show you all that could be done in these fleshly bodies. He received as He ought to receive, from me. I raised Him from the dead, those in the world around Him, for Life is in The Father. I filled Him with that Life, as a man. He was the payment for your sin, so that you may now receive all that He did, for I prefer not one child over another. To each man, the reward of a penny shall be given; a single token, this token being My Spirit. He was your example in all things. Receive as He received. This is my Word, to you: Why dost thou continue to deny us? You have left us, gone out from us, because you were not all of us. I sent you from the garden, so those infected by the lies of Satan would not infect the remaining Holy ones. But for those of you who would be wise enough indeed to see the error of your ways, I have set forth a most significant plan.

Ask ANYTHING in my Name, and it shall be given you. ANYTHING that is in me, is yours, for I AM your inheritance. Receive the gift of Christ, the gift of THE ANOINTING. Be covered in this oil of gladness, which brings all peace and joy from above to the wearer. Your brother’s namesake is this anointing, come together with us and receive this blessing. This most amazing gift that will remove your old self, the old man will pass away and a new one shall be born. In this anointing, you receive the fullness of what I AM. You need it, so that you may come back home. I cannot let anyone return who doesn’t receive this fullness. If I did, sin would then be present in The Kingdom again, which cannot be allowed, for it is written, sin may never occur again. This sin was that you received from someone other than me, and still continue to do so. I AM, they are not, therefore as soon as you received from that rotten tree, you no longer were of me. And as long as you continue receiving from that fallen source, whom is no longer of US, you will be of them, and not one with US.

Yeshua has died for this sin, so that you may again come to me for all things, just as He came to me in all things. He is your example in ALL things. All that He asked to receive in my name, ask. All that He became in my name, BECOME! I will not force this upon anyone. It is only for those who want it, and ask for it with a pure heart, wanting ONLY GOOD for them and for others, good being what is in me. When you ask me to create a pure heart of flesh in you, so that you may love as I love, it will be done. For if you love as I love, then you are as I AM, in this world. My commandment to you is: Be ye Holy, for I AM Holy.

My works are perfect works. If I start a work, I WILL finish it. Ask for this work to take place in you, so that we may start it. So we may begin to fill you with what is in us. You ask, you shall receive, from your Holy Angel, who receives from Yeshua, who receives from Me. Ask for your Holy Spiritual blindness to be healed, so you may see again, perceiving my perfect will for you. Seeing not only the world, and yourself for what they are, but seeing also the perfection of you, being created, in our image. Your deafness must also be healed, so you may understand Holy Spiritual things when they are given to you. So that when you hear The Truth, you will know it, become it. Your muteness must be cured so you may speak Holy Spiritual things for the benefit of yourself, and others. Ask for your mind to be renewed to be as the mind of Christ, the mind of the anointed. It shall be done. Ask for your thoughts to be as my thoughts, higher thoughts. Ask for your mind to be expanded so you may comprehend all of these things. It shall be done. Ask for a living spring to be created in you, which flows forth life to all those willing to receive it. From the overflow of your heart, your mouth will then speak. Words that come from me, words that, to the world, cut like a knife, for it shows them what they truly are, but to us, are the most beautiful words in existence, for they establish your existence, they ARE your existence. Your Word will not come back to you unfruitful. You reap what you sow, and as you sow this Holy Spiritual wheat in the earth(people) you shall see your growth in The Spirit. For don’t you know that you are taught at the same time you are teaching? My Word is to be your sustenance. Receive it, and grow into the oneness that is Christ.

Come to us, to partake once again of the Tree of Life. This time it may not be taken at your will, you must ask first, and be thankful of what you receive before you receive more. This plan is to ensure that those of you who do indeed come to us again for your gift, will let this gift shine to others. The sole purpose of this gift, is so that ALL who were mean to, may come into the fullness of the Father. Therefore receive this good judgement, now, for now is the time of your salvation. I judge NOW that you are approved to receive all things. And as scripture bears witness to itself, seek out the scriptures to show thyself approved of these things. Find out what your inheritance consists of. This is the sole purpose of scripture, to show you the wicked, those who receive from the world, to show the righteous, those separate from the world, for they receive only from Me. This is your example, so you may ask for the things that they were, for that is what you are to be. Come out from them, and BE, as We ARE.

How may you know this as a certainty? It is written, man must move from a lower faith, to a higher faith. Not just being aware of the Father’s existence, but knowing with absolute certainty that our Father will do what He says He will do for us. This is The Faith that Yeshua was given. For if you doubt at all, you receive nothing. Ask for this Faith, it shall be done. Then you may wait on your prayers expectantly that my will, will be done in you. That will is that you be perfected, created anew without spot or blemish, filled with the Love of The Almighty.

How may this gift be spread without boldness and courage? Ask for this, and you will receive it. You are not to go to war without the weapons necessary to defeat the enemy. Who knows this enemy best? I do, therefore I alone will freely give you these weapons you need to defeat it. These weapons are my Spirit, and the fruits of that Spirit, in the end Love will overcome. But search out what this love consists of, and become it. We will win this battle, but you must become as wise as serpent, yet peaceful as a dove. Let us start preparing for this battle, ask for these weapons, this wisdom you need. TEST ME IN THIS. Pass along this good news, this Spiritual gold, this tithe, to another, and see if I don’t open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing you cannot contain it. This is The Blessing, of becoming one with those who ARE one. You cannot contain it, that is why a work must be done in you, to make room for all that you are about to receive. This will take time to accomplish, to create you, but you will see as it does indeed happen, all in GOOD time.

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